Bureau Veritas is the trusted provider of air emissions monitoring to a broad range of industries.


As a leader in the sampling and analysis of persistent organic pollutants (POPs) from source and industrial emissions, we offer compliance testing, relative accuracy test audits (RATA), cylinder gas audits, and quality assurance plan audits to help you meet Provincial and Federal regulatory requirements. We also offer ambient air monitoring programs for Airsheds and industrial facilities, in order to meet regulatory requirements or address odour concerns.

The comprehensive sampling and analytical capabilities we offer through our Air Services Group include particulates, metals, anions, volatiles, semi-volatiles, plant performance, and combustion efficiency testing, to optimize your industrial processes and reduce emissions.

We work with you to develop a monitoring program to comply with regulatory standards, optimize pollution abatement equipment, and evaluate process change in industrial plants.

Air Sampling Services include:


Ambient Air Monitoring
                 Ambient Air Monitoring
Passive Air
                    Passive Air Sampling
Stack Testing
Stack Testing and Relative Accuracy Test Audits (RATA)