Elevate the quality of your analytical submission with an electronic COC (eCOC)!

You can now send test submissions to Bureau Veritas electronically, by completing a chain of custody onlinefrom a PC or tablet device. Bureau Veritas' new electronic chain of custody (eCOC) process is ideal for field staff and team leads, looking for an improved way to send jobs to Bureau Veritas.

This new process eliminates any guesswork, ensures sampling consistency and enhances data gathering and reporting.

How to submit a test electronically

1 Complete an eCOC in the Customer Portal Submit online 2 Record Confirmation # on the Custody Tracking Form Record confirmation number 3 Ship Samples to Bureau Veritas Laboratories Shipping


Consistent Data & Reduced Submission Errors

  • Auto validations prevent omission of pertinent information and/or the submission of incorrect tests.
  • Data is auto imported, eliminating the possibility of transcription errors that arise with manual entry.
  • Testing or reporting incorrect parameters (omissions or additions) is minimized  submitter has full control over parameter selection.
  • Handwriting interpretation errors are eliminated.

Ensures Sampling Consistency Throughout a Program

  • Users have access to sampling reference information to ensure the right bottle and perseverative are used based on requested tests, eliminating guess work by multiple field staff and technicians.

Time Savings

  • Templates reduce the time spent in the field populating Chain of Custody’s (CoC’s) and ensures the consistent use of project level information

Reduced Ambiguity

  • Access clear test requirements, reducing delays in getting the samples into the lab

Supports Enhanced Data Gathering and Reporting

  • Gain the ability to enhance data that’s being captured, so it can be:
  • Included in electronic data deliverables (EDD’s)
  • Leveraged for more accurate exceedence reporting
  • Presented in Bureau Veritas’ Customer Portal as supplemental sample information

Try it today!

The eCOC process is integrated into the Customer Portal  simply login to the Customer Portal. Select your region, enter your email address, password, and you’re in. [First time users, contact your Bureau Veritas representative or select the Register link at the bottom of the sign in box].

Getting Your Custody Tracking Form (CTF): Once you click submit or save as a draft, you can select the job on the eCOC submission page/tab and click “print tracking form” that generates your Custody Tracking form.